Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1!

Author Unknown (source: The Quote Garden)

How can happiness be described? Most probably differently by each living soul that has ever experienced it. It should be such a simple and inexhaustible resource, as we can find happiness in all the little things which we experience every day (as Robert Brault says it so nice). We can find happiness even when and where we do not expect it at all, but only if we open our hearts to recognizing it.

I see happiness as the most purely rewarding experience that invades one or more of my senses, and then smoothly insinuates into my spirit. It touches both my nerves and soul, either at the same time or in a nice succession. It may come as a pleasant mix of taste and smell, consistency and softness, fire and ice, sweetness and spiciness. It may hide in a smile or in a look, in a kiss or in an embrace, in kind words or in shared silence. It may come as recognition of familiar and comfortable sensations, or as fear and anticipation of new adventures, or even as a combination of those two at the same time. It may hide in a mix of trust and suspicion, question and answer, experience and expectation. It may bring fulfillment in one second and emptiness in the next, may bless you with satisfaction and tease you with frustration, leaving you confused between a sense of belonging and one of possession, torn between dependence and freedom, submission and control.

It started to seem complicated now, after I tried to describe it. However for me is rather simple: happiness is with me wherever I go. Even in those moments which I call unhappy, I feel also ... surprisingly happy! Because my being unhappy means that I am at the same time very much alive, free and able to feel – mad, or sad, or just bad. It clearly means that I am not dead and therefore I will keep on experiencing - taste and smell, light and darkness, smile and tear, love and hate.

So, to all those people who like to wonder whether they were, are, or will ever be happy, I just send out one simple question: why not?


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