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This newsletter is a great opportunity for me- I get and study some good quality information and I also can donate it to you. “Good quality” is a problem of definition- and all I can hope is that more and more people
will use definitions similar to my own definitions.
Otherwise the World’s interestingness is increasing, however it seems we
will survive.
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The history of the Internet in a nutshell:


IBM open-sources ‘Internet of Things’ protocol:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  


Infographic: The Top Three US Search Engines:

Question and Answer Search Engines:


Deep Web is hidden from search engines:


Check what time it is anywhere in the world on the Web

Anonymous e-mail in seconds:

Website reputation:

Social media, four trends to watch in 2012:

Twitterology, a new science?:


10 Great Twitter Tools To Transform Your Tweeting Experience:

Infographic of the day- the many languages of Twitter:



Is Google too big to fail?

Improve your Google-fu with these 13 vital search commands:


Google Changes Search Algorithm, Trying to Make Results More Timely:                 

Gmail’s new look:  

Confesions of  a Googleholic- getting ahead in the game:

Don’t blame Google –get known for doing something great:

Google TV
Reboots -Google TV is revamping its software, but doesn't plan to put out new hardware until next year:

Google+ is not a social network, but it’s not a graveyard, either:


Amazon, now a book lender:



Decoding the brain’s cacophony:


Brain Cells Responsible for Keeping Us Awake Identified:

Consciousness: The Black Hole of Neuroscience:


Deep Intellect Inside the mind of the octopus:


Rethinking Equilibrium: In Nature, Large Energy Fluctuations May Rile Even 'Relaxed' Systems:


Evolution During Human Colonizations: Selective Advantage of Being There First:


Researchers Complete Mollusk Evolutionary Tree:


Third industrial revolution-review:


Company Aims to Make Better Biofuel Crops Agradis wants to use genomics to develop plants that could yield more material for biofuels.:


Solar Power’s Good News:


Solar Power Could Get Boost from New Light Absorption Design:


Lighting Sheets Made of Tiny LEDs Nth Degree Technologies plans to replace bulbs with lights that can be printed on large, flexible surfaces:


Use of Supercritical Water Could Cut Costs for Ethanol A startup says it can make sugar for biofuel from wood chips at a fraction of the normal cost:


World's Most Efficient Flexible Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Created On Plastic:


A Versatile Touch Sensor A new system adapted from a technology used for underwater cables could lead to touch sensors in clothes and coffee tables:


Finest Silk Made of the Purest Nanometer-Thin Gold Woven Into Ties and Handkerchiefs:

Levitating lamp meets the future halfway:


7 Billion and Counting: Welcome to a Planet With Population Overload and Resources in Crisis [With Photos From National Geographic] The definition of overpopulation has less to do with raw numbers of people than their relationship with the planet's sustainable resources.:

Demographics Are Not Destiny

Even as the world’s population reaches 7 billion, the rate of growth is slowing and workforces are aging. Companies and countries can prosper by preparing for the changes to come:


Schools must teach problem solving to break from outdated learning concepts, claims report:                       

Science, Technology And The Future: The Promises And Pitfalls Of Elevated Thinking

What does it mean to be human?:

Social Singularity:  Why Things Are Getting Progressively Better:

Serendip- for those who ask questions without boundaries:

Stop Subjecting Your Baby To Mozart! (Give Her Drama Lessons Instead):


Don't Worry, Be Happy: Understanding Mindfulness Meditation:


Impulsive Versus Controlled Men: Disinhibited Brains and Disinhibited Behavior:


Belief in God Cuts Two Ways, Study Finds:


Finding Relief in Ritual: A Healthy Dose of Repetitive Behavior Reduces Anxiety, Says Researcher:

Beyond the Self:

What Happens When the Average Lifespan Hits 100?


Ratio of Criticisms to Compliments is woefully imbalanced…:

Color, vision and art:

What are some great optical illusions:



Are we really running out of everything?:


7 best coaching books for managers and leaders:

Stop Wasting Your Time Solving Problems:


Managing Yourself: How to Cultivate Engaged Employees:

The Art of Asking Questions:


10,000 hours of concerted practice to become an expert. How much time are you investing in your own development?:

Weekend imagination igniters:


Test Could Show Which Cancers Will Respond to Chemotherapy Tumors closer to committing "cellular suicide" are more sensitive to conventional anticancer drugs.:


Light Can Detect Pre-Cancerous Colon Cells:


Tactic to Delay Age-Related Disorders:

Why could I not read this in 1981?


Forever young?  A way to counteract part of the process of growing old:|hig|11-3-2011|editors_highlights


Some Asthma Drugs Kill More People Than Asthma: Why Is Big Pharma Allowed to Hawk Deadly Pills?


New Findings Contradict Dominant Theory in Alzheimer's Disease:


Doctors Can Learn Empathy Through a Computer-Based Tutorial:


Could Social Media Be Used to Detect Disease Outbreaks?:


The Virtual Nurse Will See You Now In the hectic world of a hospital, a computer-simulated nurse can be surprisingly comfortin:g : .

Hope of a breakthrough cure for high blood pressure that could save millions of lives every year


New material claimed to filter flu virus out of air:

Headache tree is a pain in the brain
Bay laurel swells cranial blood vessels:




Vaccine for Cattle Offers Hope to Poorest Farmers:


Are Global Honey Bee Declines Caused by Diesel Pollution?:


Corporate Crimes In the Cereal Aisle: How Companies Are Fooling You Into Thinking Their Products Are Healthy:



In Jehovah’s village God is alive and well and living in rural Kenya:                                    

Arms and Armors—Common Miscocptions and Frequently Asked Questions:


11/11/11: Maya Scholar Debunks Doomsday Myths;






Internet Privacy Tools Are Confusing, Ineffective for Most People:


4 Security Tips the Pros Use:


Password Safety: Tips for Keeping Passwords Safe:

Safeguard Your Privacy in Facebook:


Nokia Rolls the Dice with Windows Devices With modest hardware, Nokia's new phones may struggle to stand out:


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